Incoming Mail (POP3) mail.[your Domain Name]

So for example if your domain name is

you would use

username: full email address

Password: password you set during creating your email box

Outgoing mail

The best outgoing email server to use in your settings is that of your ISP
If you have a problem using these or wish to use ours then the settings are below

If you use our settings you will be able to send out email wherever you pick up your connection, which is useful when roaming on wireless networks

Outgoing Mail (SMTP) mail.[your Domain Name]

Your will need to select the Outgoing Mail Server Requires Authentication option in the email program


webmail.[your Domain Name]


To upload to your web space before your domain registration or transfer is complete
please use as the Host Name in your ftp program

When your domain is pointing to our server you should start using [your Domain Name]

To view your Web pages before your domain name registration or
transfer is complete use your IP number like where username is your own account username

Hosting Control Panel

You can access the Control Panel for your domain using

http://www.[your Domain]/cpanel

For example if your Domain is


or you can get to your Contol Panel

Domain Name Servers

If you regisiter your Domain Name with us then you do not need to do anything further

If your Domain Name has been regisitered with another host/name provider and you wish us to take over the administration and billing of your domain you need to get the Tag Holder(host) to change the Tag to ours

If your Domain Name has been regisitered with another host/name provider and you wish to leave the administration and billing with them and just take advantage of our hosting, then you need to have them change the nameservers for the domain to point to our nameservers.

Our Nameservers are as follows: